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Why vintage bags are worth the obsession

By Thea Neal of for Closet Angels

The shape. The timeless design. The feeling you get when you see another woman rocking *the* vintage bag you remember seeing in old issues of Vogue. Sigh.

For me, vintage designer bags are like the Maseratis of the purse world. They're gorgeous, they make a statement, and they age with grace. Check out my top reasons to snag a vintage designer bag:


The best thing about vintage bags is that they're usually free of the now common place "ultra branding." These gorgeous Coach bags aren't screaming at you with interlocking C's all over the bags. It's almost like a fun surprise when you see a vintage bag you love, and then find out it's by one of your favorite designers.

You also know how they'll wear. I've been the victim of buying a designer bag or two, and within a few months, see it change color or absorb the dye from my jeans. These bags have already gone through their wear and tear, so the color you see is the color you get. (Of course, if you sling your purse too intensely day to day, it'll still be victim of some damage. These purses aren't invincible - even if they look it!)


Whenever I carry my vintage bags, I can't help but think of the women before me who did the same thing. whether they carried their bag on a New York subway or shopping in France - your bag has a history that's fun to imagine, as well as make your own memories.


I still curse my mom for not keeping her awesome bags from the '80s around. A vintage bag is a great gift for a younger family member, whether it's a daughter, sister or goddaughter. Instead of buying a trendy, spur of the moment bag, you're giving a classic, timeless gift.

Do you own any vintage designer bags? Lusting after a few? Keep an eye out this week for Closet Angel's selection to find your own bag crush. 


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