Closet Angels

Donate Your Designer Clothing Today for Cures Tomorrow.

Closet Angels takes donated designer goods and the proceeds made from the sale of items are given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support their efforts in providing the highest level of care to those in need.  Our mission is to help all children lead happy, healthy lives by giving in a way that is convenient for designers and for you.  We strive to make it easy for you to donate items to our foundation that appreciates the value of designer goods, and turn those items into dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Team



Jayna K. Cooke


Jayna has been navigating the start-up world in various sales roles over the last decade.  Most recently, Jayna was Vice President of Business Development at Groupon (GRPN), where she grew and maintained their largest book of business, and was responsible at one point for as much as 25% of the entire company's revenue.  She was also responsible for launching various national and local sales strategies.  Prior to GRPN, she managed the largest book of business at Echo Global Logistics (ECHS), while also holding various positions such as sales trainer, sales manager, and regional manager.  She started her love for fashion as one of the youngest DSM's and buyer for St. John Knits.  Her expertise lays in the start up world, strategy, processes and business development.

She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her dog, Coco.


Gina's Fav.jpg

Regina S. Franchini


Regina Franchini has had a very successful career in banking and finance.  Regina started her career with US Bank as a Senior Assistant Branch Manager.  Combined, she has over nine years of management experience in retail banking and lending, along with extensive sales and operation experience in residential mortgage.  Most recently, she was working with Fifth Third Bank.

 She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her two cats, Rudy & Chloe.


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